Hey, I'm Lena

Alberta Hiking Elopement Photographer

I'm an Alberta based adventure elopement photographer. I am in absolute LOVE with the mountains, nature, and being outdoors. There is nothing comparable to photographing couples in love in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 
Look, I'm NOT that super bubbly, outgoing, extroverted girl. I'm not up on all the latest trends, and I don't wear cute clothes and look adorable all the time.  I AM quiet, gentle, real, and I will love you the minute I meet you (I mean this, too, just ask any past client).  I am a huge giver (my clients always get gifts, ha), but I really do NOT like receiving gifts.  

I cannot stop smiling 99% of the time. You'll find me in the mountains in Canmore, Banff, Jasper, and Waterton Lakes, xc skiing, biking or canoeing every chance I get, so I'd love to come document your adventure with you too! 

Learn about the adventure

Hike 15 new peaks, summits, or ridges in the next year

Photograph someone with their horse in the mountains

Visit every national park in Canada before I die

Complete at least one bike race, running race, and xc ski race in the next year


I help couples plan their dream hiking, helicopter or mountain adventure on their elopement day, and come along to capture it all.




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Where it all started

Way back in the day, probably was about 11 or 12 year old girl, I had a little point and shoot camera (didn't every pre-teen girl have that? haha).  I loved taking photos of flowers, birds, our animals, and a variety of other things out in nature. 

Fast forward to university days, and I purchased my very first DSLR camera - a super fancy (or so I thought) Nikon D3200.   I had considered in the back of my mind that it might be fun to photograph people, but I was so shy that I never did further entertain the idea.

......that was, until one of my roommates' boyfriends asked me to photograph him proposing to her!!  I had never really photographed people, but I said sure, since I knew them and was comfortable with them.   Well after that, they asked me to photograph their engagement session.   They asked how much I charge, and I said, "I don't know.  Whatever you think."  So after I sent them their images, they paid me $100 or something....

....and the rest is HISTORY!! 

That day I fell in love with photographing couples.  And despite my quiet nature, literally my favorite thing about this job for me is meeting new people.  I LOVE people, and photographing couples in love just adds to that! 

I'd love to meet you too ;) 

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