I'm an adventure elopement photographer, based in Edmonton, Alberta. I am in absolute LOVE with horses, mountains, ice cream (made with real cream), and genuine people. 

Ah, you guys, I'm STOKED you're here!

Hey, I'm Lena

Yess!! Tell me more!!

The thing about photography that lights me on fire is the REAL things - real connection, real love, real bonds, real feelings. And to capture all those makes me smile REAL big inside (ok, and outside haha!). 

I cannot stop smiling 99% of the time. You'll find me in the mountains, xc skiing, biking or canoeing every chance I get, so come adventure with me!

I'll climb a mountain at sunrise anyday!

Catch me in a canoe or kayak on a hot summer day

Meet you for ice cream today (and tomorrow... and in a couple days...)

if you're about the unposed, real life moments, we're a match

take me to the experience