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I'm an Alberta based adventure elopement photographer. I am in absolute LOVE with the mountains, nature, and being outdoors. There is nothing comparable to photographing couples in love in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 
The thing about photography that lights me on fire is the REAL things - real connection, real love, real bonds, real feelings. And to capture all those makes me smile REAL big inside (ok, and outside haha!). 

I cannot stop smiling 99% of the time. You'll find me in the mountains in Canmore, Banff, Jasper, and Waterton Lakes, xc skiing, biking or canoeing every chance I get, so come adventure with me!

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Cross country ski 10 mountain trails this winter

Hike 15 new peaks, summits, or ridges in the next year

Photograph someone with their horse in the mountains

Visit every national park in Canada before I die

Complete at least one bike race, running race, and xc ski race in the next year


I help couples plan their dream "outside-the-box" adventure on their wedding day, and come along to capture it all.




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