Adventure Elopement Experience & Pricing

This is more than me showing up to take some pics on your elopement day.  This is YOUR day.  Let's make it epic!

Forget traditions and create an elopement day that is simply, you.

When you think about everything that is apart of your wedding, what is the one thing that will last forever?


They are literally the ONE thing that spark memories from every other part of the day.  It's not just the epic, wide angle landscape shots that are great.  It's the details.  The emotions.  The little moments that no one else notices.  That you might forget if you didn't have the photo to remind you. 

What is the thing that you love doing together as a couple?  Do that on your elopement day.  How do you normally act around each other, whether it be little facial expressions, touch, jokes, or anything else!?  BE THAT on your elopement day. 

You don't just want beautiful photos of you standing on a mountain.  You want photos that portray YOU!  And the only way to make that happen is to be you, as you always are. 

What's Included with Your Elopement

- Help finding hidden gems in the mountains, guidance in choosing the right helicopter company, permit requirements, and more!

- Vendor recommendations, help customizing your timeline, finding the best locations, and knowing what to pack for your hiking or helicopter elopement.

- Multiple phone calls, meetings, messages and detailed questionnaires to get to know you as thoroughly as possible so I can capture what really matters.

- A personalized experience to create the most epic mountain top images that tell a story of your uniqueness as a couple. 

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Elopement Packages in the Canadian Rockies

- Photography by Lena

- Elopement location anywhere in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta or BC

- Guidance throughout your whole experience from booking right through to album design and delivery

- Private online gallery to view, download photos, and share with family and friends. 

- Travel for photographer (me)

- Coverage from 4 hours to multi-day

Starting at $3600

(Ranges from $3600 - $12,000)

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Engagement / Couple's Session Packages

- Photography by Lena

- Any location including by a mountain lake, in a meadow, hiking a mountain, or relaxing by a fire

- Help with your whole experience including outfit guide, how to prep for weather, etc

- Private online gallery to view, download photos, and share with family and friends. 

- Travel for photographer (me)

- Coverage from 1 hour to full day adventure

Starting at $850

(Ranges from $850 - $5000)

Request Detailed Pricing and Info

Still have questions? Here are the answers!

1. Do you require a deposit to book you as photographer?

Yes, it's $1000 regardless of the package you book.  The retainer ensures the date will be reserved for you, and you alone.

2. Is the helicopter cost included in the packages?

No.  While I can help you contact, arrange, and schedule the helicopter flight, you will be required to pay the helicopter company the day of the flight.  Most companies do not take payment until the day of.

3. What factors affect the price of the packages?

Location, albums, length of time, and whether or not an engagement session in included. 

4. Is a physical album included in all of your packages?

With the exception of the 4 hour basic package, an album is included. 

5. How do we know what location to choose?

This is what I'm here to help you with.  Of course, there are countless options for locations to hike to.  To help you narrow it down, I chat with you about your hiking experience and what kind of views you're hoping for.   The hikes also vary in length of time required to complete, which is also a factor.

6. How much should we expect to spend, total, on our elopement?

This varies drastically depending on length of hike, what kind of activities you include, whether you hire an officiant or have a friend officiate, etc.  I have a blog post dedicated specifically to this topic, with a breakdown of vendor pricing.  You can check that out here. 

7. What happens if you get sick and can't come to our elopement?

The contract covers this thoroughly, but if I as the photographer cannot come to your elopement, I will either hire another photographer of equal skill and expertise, to come and photograph you.  I will still edit the images.  The second option is to reschedule.  If neither of those options are feasible, I will refund you.

8. What is the best season to do an adventure elopement?

This also depends on your preference for scenery, weather, and temperature.  Read this blog post to learn more about the pros and cons of eloping in all of the seasons.

9. How do we know what gear to bring for our adventure elopement?

Disclaimer:  I am not a certified guide.  However, after years of hiking in many weather conditions in the mountains, I have created a list of the minimum I'd recommend  bringing for your hiking or helicopter elopement.  You can find that here. 

10. How do we actually book you?

When you're ready to book, I'll send the contract for you to review and sign, along with the invoice.  The $1000 retainer will be due along with the signing of the contract to secure your date.  After that, we'll get rolling with any more planning, locations, and vendors you need to find!  

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I'm Lena and I absolutely LOVE helping couples create an elopement day that will literally be the most epic day of your life.   From the moment you reach out to me until the moment your album is placed in your hands, I help you work through the necessities, activities, and uncertainties so you can enjoy a completely stress free elopement day in the mountains.  

If you don't believe me yet, keep scrolling to see what other couples have said ;) 

Your Adventure Elopement Sidekick, Supporter, and Friend

"She produced absolutely stunning photos. I honestly couldn't believe it when I saw them."


"It all felt very natural and easy and never stiff or awkward."


"Lena's calmness encourages you to be just yourself and this reflects in the pictures. "


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