Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel - Banff, Alberta

Are you a bride in Alberta looking for an incredible place to have your elopement ceremony or reception in the heart of the Rocky mountains?  If you are, check out the many options available to you at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.   This beautiful venue is like a castle, nestled among the majestic mountain peaks of Banff National Park, Alberta, providing you with the most stunning locations for photos.  Here is all you need to know about the Fairmont Banff Springs wedding venue!

brief history on the fairmont banff springs hotel

The history of the Banff Springs Hotel began more than 130 years ago, when William Van Horne wanted to share the majesty of the Canadian Rockies with the whole world.  The building of this grand hotel began in 1887 and was completed and opened to the public in 1888. 

popular places for wedding ceremonies

The Cascade Ballroom has a very luxurious atmosphere, with its crystal chandeliers and gold detailed ceiling, complemented by the beautiful hardwood floors.  Through the windows, there are stunning views of the Bow Valley, sprawling below.   It is a 5600 sq ft room with a capacity of 220. 

The Alhambra Ballroom  boasts bronze doors, tall windows, and a beautiful gold and blue carpet.  The natural light pouring in through the windows makes this 5700 sq ft room ideal for wedding or elopement ceremonies, or the afternoon reception.  It has a capacity of 220.

The Mt. Stephen Hall is most stunning, with its towering ceilings that provide unique photo opportunities from above.  At 2600 sq ft, this hall is the perfect spot for a unique, elegant, but intimate elopement ceremony.   The space is wrapped in stained glass windows, accented by polished stone flooring.  This also has a capacity of 220.

These are the most popular rooms, but there are a number of other rooms available for smaller ceremonies and receptions as well. Capacities of the smaller rooms range from 10 to 60 people. 

Accommodation options for couple & guests

There is a wide variety of room options for guests (or yourself as the couple) to stay at the Banff Springs hotel.  

Rooms start at $689/night for 2 people in a 220 sq ft suite.

The signature suites, the with the most beautiful contemporary decor and spacious living area, are approximately $3239/night for 2 people in a 550 - 1500 sq ft space. 

There are many other options in between as well, or other places to stay in the area if the Banff Springs accommodation is not a viable option. 

a note on cost

Pricing for a 1 hr ceremony for the exquisite rooms starts a $6000, depending on the room you choose. 
Pricing for wedding receptions start at $1500.  

Pricing for a 1hr ceremony in the smaller, less popular rooms, starts at $500.  Pricing for receptions in the smaller rooms starts at $1500. 

Both ceremonies and receptions will require a deposit to be paid beforehand.  Some spaces require a minimum spend on food a beverage, some do not.  

One of the most important vendors at your wedding is  your photographer.  Choose Lena Jenise Photography to help you create, plan, and capture your stress free elopement day in Banff, Alberta.

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