5 Tips for Your Wedding Day

Have you ever wondered how to prepare certain things for your wedding day? Or how to make the day more smooth for your photographer? If you want to help your photographer get the most STUNNING photos possible, I’m going to go through 5 tips for your wedding day here that can help you with that!

Now before I make it sound like you need to plan your day around your photographer, you don’t. But these tips will help the whole day be less stressful (since your photographer IS a large part of your day), and will make photos fun, enjoyable, beautiful, and easy.

Ok, let’s dive in.

From S + K’s beautiful Heritage Park Wedding!

TIP #1 – Get ready in a well lit (with natural light) room/area

This makes an INCREDIBLE difference in how your photos will turn out. If the room is dark and only lit with artificial lights, your photos will be grainy and have a yellowish hue, which doesn’t look GREAT. So try to get ready (both guys and girls) in a well-lit open room with big windows.

How to get the best getting ready photos

TIP #2 – Work with your photographer on the timeline

Brides and grooms, I cannot stress this enough! If you want to ensure you have enough time for each part of the day to get photographed, chat with your photographer about how much time is typically needed for each part of the day. For example, if you only leave half an hour for the photographer to shoot getting ready photos of guys AND girls, and the guys are 20 min away.. ya, you get it. That simply will not work! And if you only leave 10 minutes after the ceremony for all the family portraits, bridal party portraits, and bride and groom portraits, ya…. I mean, if you only want 10 photos of that part of the day, then sure! Haha. K, but see what I mean?

TIP #3 – No phones during the ceremony

This is totally your preference, of course. But too many times have I seen guests reaching out into the aisle with their cell phones trying to get a photo of the first kiss, leaving the photographer helplessly trying to navigate through all of their phones to get the professional shot. I strongly encourage you to inform your guests to either turn off, or leave their phones behind during the ceremony. Are you going to care more about everyone posting their blurry cell phone shots on instagram, or about the photographer nailing the shots without cell phones in the way.

Tips from a photographer for your wedding day

TIP #4 – Have guests stay out of the way during family and bridal portraits

There is nothing more frustrating when trying to shoot portraits efficiently, than having all the guests milling about, walking right in front of the photographer, and having no care for ruining my shots. Please encourage your guests to give the photographer space to get the shots they need. The guests can always take photos later after bridals are over, during the reception etc.

TIP #5 – Have fun!!

No but seriously. If you’ve hired a photographer who knows how to direct, who gives prompts, who is in control, don’t fear. Just let loose and have fun! Don’t get stressed out about getting all the right shots, having a perfect smile, having your hands in just the right spot, etc. Just relax, have fun, and be yourself. That’ll ultimately be what makes your photos perfect.

I hope these 5 tips for your wedding day were helpful (and didn’t sound TOO harsh!). But just a few simple little things can make ALL the difference in how your images turn out.


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