3 Kananaskis Mountain Locations to Elope

Are you dreaming of escaping into the heart of the Rocky Mountains, to say your vows to each other alone in nature? Well, I’m right here to support that in every way possible. I’ve spent so much time exploring the Canadian Rockies, and I LOVE them more than anything else. One of my favorite areas to spend time and explore, is Kananaskis Country. I’ve spent more time there than anywhere else, and I have a solid list of gorgeous mountain top views to recommend to you! For this blog post, we’ll stick to 3 Kananaskis mountain locations to elope in.

I’ll take you through 3 of my favorite hikes, describe the difficulty, the route conditions, and the view. I’ll include a few photos too, so you can see for yourself how beautiful they are! If you want to elope in Kananaskis, definitely keep reading 🙂

1. Smutwood Peak

Can I be honest with ya for a second? I have NEVER done a hike with views as incredibly stunning as Smutwood Peak. If you’ve ever hiked with me, you’ll know I’m always in awe of the majestic beauty of any mountains, but this one is exponentially better than any peaks I have yet completed.

Smutwood is a longer hike. It’s about 20km round trip, an out and back trail. One of my favorite things about this one, is that you hike way in before you go up. So when you get to the peak, all you can see is mountains. There is nothing else around, but 360 views of the most stunning mountain ranges and peaks, including Mount Birdwood. The first half in is fairly easy going, a few little hills, ups and downs, and a meadow. Then the ascent up to the lakes is fairly steep and grueling. Once you get to that little lookout, there’s another easy stretch. After that, you start the final ascent to the summit, as Mount Birdwood rises out of nowhere in the most majestic way. Trust me, you will not regret this one.

The view from the summit of Smutwood Peak, Kananaskis Country

2. East End of Rundle

The East End of Rundle (EEOR) hike is a classic, easy access, short and steep climb for some pretty sweet views. I’ve done this hike a few times, and it takes my breath away every time. The view of Ha Ling Peak jetting out over the town of Canmore, is something that you will never forget.

The climb up is a fairly steady one, steep until you reach a little meadow. There is lots of room here for photos, if you don’t feel like going further, and the views are amazing. The climb right up to the summit involves some scrambling and little bit of exposure, but is definitely worth it for the braver souls. Highly recommend this for your Kananaskis elopement. Its about 6-7km round trip, depending how far you go.

EEOR elopement in Kananaskis
View of Ha Ling Peak in the background.

3. Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak hike had been on my list to do for many months, and I finally got the chance this year. It’s super easy access, just park along HWY 40 and the trailhead is right there.

The first little bit is a fairly steady climb, but then it flattens out and the trail side hills along around the bottom of the peak. Then there is a fair bit of elevation gain again, but the path is mostly dirt, so that makes it fairly safe and easy. The last little stretch before the meadow is a very steep scree section. It is not dangerous, but kind of frustrating and annoying to climb. Once you conquer that, you are standing in a beautiful, sprawling mountain meadow, with 360 views of peaks all around. It is UNREAL. The climb up to the summit is very straightforward, with a ridge walk for those who aren’t afraid of heights.

Would highly recommend this for a couple looking for a shorter option for their Kananaskis elopement, still with surrounding mountain views. It is about 7km round trip.

Grizzly peak, where to elope in Kananaskis
The view in one direction from the meadow.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of 3 Kananaskis mountain locations to elope !! If you have any questions about eloping in Kananaskis, where to stay, where to eat, or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! There’s nothing I love more than helping couples plan their elopements in the Canmore, Kananaskis area.

Bonus – my favorite place to stay is the HI Kananaskis Wilderness Hostel.

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