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One of the things I am very consistent at as a photographer, is communicating with my clients. I love the connection it creates, and the more I chat with my couples, the more they feel like friends. And when they feel like friends, they are more relaxed, I’m more relaxed and everything goes much more smoothly. Lindsay and Adam booked me for their helicopter elopement a month or so ago, and as I helped them plan it, I’ve been in touch with them A LOT. Their package included an engagement session, and we planned that for last weekend. When I arrived, it was the first time I had met them, but felt like I already knew them. So, communication is key. We all know that. But it’s true! We did their engagement session in Saskatoon, and then in exactly ONE MONTH, they’ll be coming out to Canmore for their helicopter elopement!

We went over to a little grassy area in Saskatoon, where there are some little rolling hills, dirt trails, and a lot of grass (dead, because it’s been so dry). It was quite smokey, but I’m ok with that, because it makes the light warm and soft. It was SO hot, but we rolled with it all, and the photos turned out SO good, if I do say so myself. The light was this photographer’s dream, and Lindsay and Adam killed it.

Have I mentioned before, how literally EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients say this – we are horrible at photos. We are so awkward. We have never done photos before because we don’t know how. Etc etc etc. Well, I’m telling you right now that also EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients is amazing at photos and ends up loving the results. I direct with prompts, make it fun, and we have lots of laughs.

Check out these beauty engagement photos!

PS. I only fell in a crater about 3 times while we were shooting haha! Hey, I’m looking through my camera viewfinder, not where I’m walking!

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