Three Ways to Include Family in Your Elopement

Have you decided you want to elope but are facing opposition from family and friends? That’s totally normal and understandable. I mean, everyone loves weddings (I think?) and wants to be apart of them, especially parents, family members and close family. Guess what? They can have a part in it, even if they are not physically present. Here are three ways to include family in your elopement.

How to include family #1: Personal Messages

Have your close friends and family record voice messages and then play them after your ceremony. This is definitely a way to guarantee some serious emotion, tears, and laughter. It also helps them feel included in a way too, even though they are not there in person. You can also have them write you letters that you open the day of your elopement. These are often super special as well.

#2: Reception

Often times, especially with hiking and helicopter elopements, receptions are not part of the day. However, one great way to include family in your elopement is to set a date for a reception at a later time. Even a month or several weeks later. You can re-dress up in your wedding attire if desired, and set up a dinner or whatever you like. Have friends and family come a celebrate. You could also wait until your album has arrived, and then have that there to look at as well! That can help them enter into the day too. Having a reception on a different day than your actual elopement helps keep the whole elopement day free for just the two of you.

#3: Incorporate a Keepsake or Family Memory

You could wear your mom’s watch or another piece of jewelry. I’ve seen brides have their mom or grandma’s own wedding dress altered to suit and fit them! Wear your mom or grandma’s wedding veil. If there is a tradition that your family always keeps, incorporate that into your elopement day somehow. You could brainstorm a lot!

I hope these few ideas got your brain twirling for how to include family on your elopement day. Of course, if you just want it to be the two of you and do none of these things, that is totally awesome too! But for those who want to include them, there are definitely ways to do it without them being present day of. Click here to check out some reasons you might want to consider eloping.

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