Lake Minnewanka Surprise Proposal

I just love photographing proposals. It’s so exciting and such a fun time for the couple. One of my favorite parts about it is capturing the expressions of shock, surprise, excitement and pure joy. It’s so cool! Sheibani had reached out to me about doing a couples session for fun, at Lake Minnewanka. That was great! I love Lake Minnewanka and it’s a super accessible spot in Banff National Park for a photo session or elopement. We booked them in and everything was set. Well, the night before their session, I get a message from Archit. He said, “I’m planning to propose to Sheibani during the session!” So, we came up with a plan to photograph this Lake Minnewanka surprise proposal!

Often when guys reach out to me about proposing, they have no idea how to make it work without giving it away. Well this time worked great because she had booked the session, so she wasn’t suspecting at all. I told Archit that we’d shoot for awhile as normal, and then at some point I’d get them to do a certain prompt and that’s when he would get down on one knee. Great. He also wanted me to video it with his phone. And somehow, he managed to hand over his phone without Sheibani even noticing what was happening!

It was a great success 😉 We had planned it for about an hour before sunrise, so the light was spectacular and the clouds were painted with gorgeous pinks and blues as the sun lowered. It’s never a bad to plan your engagement session or proposal at Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, or anywhere in the Rocky Mountains for that matter. Who’s next? 😉

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