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Nordegg, Alberta

If you're looking for a fantastic helicopter company to take you to the top of a mountain for your elopement in Alberta, look no further.  Rockies Heli is one of my favorite helicopter companies to work with for helicopter elopements.  Their customer experience is unmatched.  Rockies Heli is nestled in the heart of Clearwater County, Alberta, and has several stunning mountain top locations to take you to for your elopement.  They are flexible with schedules, time of day you want to fly, and specific scenery.  Definitely contact Rockies Heli for your helicopter elopement in Alberta!

Wedding and elopement ceremonies with rockies heli

Rockies Heli offers many locations for mountain top ceremonies.  There are options for more rocky views, grassy slopes, glaciers, lakes, shade or sun!  My favorite thing about Rockies Heli is that they are flexible with time frames.  For example, the elopement photographed above was right before sunset in September.  Our pilot stayed with us on the mountain for 2 hours as we took advantage of golden hour on the summit.  He flew us back down just as the sun was setting.  

Rockies Heli will fly outside of the 'normal' hours that many other helicopters stick to.  This is fantastic for allowing us to choose the time of day that will give the best light for your elopement photos.  Rockies Heli flies year round.  Whether you're dreaming of a winter helicopter elopement, a fall heli elopement, or a summer heli wedding, Rockies has you covered. 

The pilots and employees at Rockies Heli treat their clients like gold.  They are super friendly, helpful and take care of you as if you're lifetime friends.  The pilots are experienced and committed to making your Alberta helicopter elopement the best experience possible.  PS - they even give you fresh bread and butter after your flight!

One of the most important vendors at your elopement is  your photographer.  Choose Lena Jenise Photography to help you create, plan, and capture your stress free helicopter elopement with Rockies Heli.

A Note on cost

Rockies Heli charges $399/person +tax for helicopter elopements and weddings.  This will give you 1 to 2 hours on top of the mountain where the helicopter will wait for you.  

Rockies Heli will take your credit card when you book to hold your time slot.   Pretty straightforward!

One of the awesome pilots at rockies heli

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