Helicopter Elopement with Rockies Heli

Before I get started on the details of this stunning helicopter elopement with Rockies Heli, I just have to shoutout Rockies Heli themselves. I have worked with a few helicopter companies, and Rockies is by far a favorite. Why? They are super flexible, and their client experience is exceptional.

Why you Should Book Your Elopement with Rockies Heli

First of all, they don’t just have a specific time frame they fly in all year round. My clients and I wanted to do the helicopter photos in the evening for best light. Rockies Heli was very accomodating, and we were able to catch sunset on top of the mountain. Secondly, while we were preparing for the flight, the pilot asked me what kind of scenery and light I’d prefer for the photos. He made several suggestions of landscapes that we could fly to, and let me choose. Then, as we were flying, he pointed out several spots he could land, and let us choose the one! Third, the pilot was incredibly friendly, accommodating and experienced. And last of all, when we landed back at the base, they literally had a loaf of fresh homemade bread and butter for us to eat. Yes, it was still warm.

Talk about exceptional client experience! I can’t rave enough about Rockies Heli. I 100% recommend them for your helicopter elopement in Alberta!

Banff Intimate Elopement Ceremony at Bow Lake

Gary and Jen chose to have their tiny elopement ceremony at Bow Lake in Banff. They arrived via limousine, and we met the florist to choose the spot for the arch set up. It was a bright sunny day, so we found some shade for Gary and Jen to exchange their vows. As we walked back to the parking lot after, someone came and told us the limousine wouldn’t start! And we needed to leave ASAP to make it to Rockies Heli for our flight! Thankfully, another kind person in the parking lot offered to boost the limousine. We were off!

Officiant: Patrick Smiley

We arrived at Rockies Heli (where the driver promised not to turn off the limousine) and received a very friendly welcome from the staff. After filling out a few forms, we headed out to the helicopter. I knew it was going to be epic. Somehow I got lucky enough to snag the front seat, so the views were unreal! We landed on top of a grassy meadow, the late afternoon sun streaming down over the landscape.

We climbed up to the highest point, and took some epic photos. The sun lowered, casting a golden glow over everything. It was stunning. Jen’s dress blew in the wind, flowing daintily out behind her. Just before the sun set, we climbed into the helicopter and flew back to the base. There is truly nothing more incredible than seeing the Rocky mountains from above.

If you want to book your helicopter elopement with Rockies Heli, check them out here!

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