Nordegg Engagement Session

Nordegg used to be one of those places where nobody went. It was kind of like a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere, away from all the touristy areas like Canmore, Banff and Jasper. You’d mention you were going hiking in Nordegg or David Thompson country, and people would say, “Huh? Where’s that?” Well, not so much anymore. And especially with Covid in 2020, when all the national parks were shut down in Alberta, everyone flocked to Nordegg. This is the location Pamela and Steven chose for their engagement session.

Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous place, and boasts the huge manmade Abraham Lake. I was out the in September, and the fall colours were beyond incredible. As I drove down the hwy over the hill towards Preacher’s Point, I nearly died as I gasped in awe at the spread of orange, yellow, and read leaves sprawled out in front of me. WOW.

There are a lot of short, easy hikes around Nordegg, and one of those is Crescent Falls. Steven and Pamela were one of those couples who had never heard of, or been to Nordegg. Pamela’s one request was that they get photos done at a waterfall. So I took them and their little pooch to Crescent Falls for engagement photos.

The trail to get down beneath the falls is not for the faint of heart. Although once you get past the first look and the steepness, it’s really not a far walk and not all that difficult either. So between carrying the dog, the outfit bag, and all my camera gear, we successfully reached the base of the falls. It was incredible. The falls has 2 tiers, so it makes for many amazing backdrops for photos. If you are looking for an easily accessible place to get photos, do check this out! However, I’d recommend trying a weekday, as weekends can get pretty crowded.

If you ever want a Nordegg engagement session at these beautiful falls, you know where to find me 😉

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