How To Take Self Portraits

Are you one of those people who have struggled HARD trying to take self portraits with your camera, when you don’t have anyone else around to take them for you? (Hands raised VERY high over here!)

I have tried remotes, wifi connected to the app on my phone, self timer, etc. NOTHING seemed to work. I’d always get blurry photos, or be trying to hide my phone so I wouldn’t be holding it in every single photo of myself.

Well guess what!?


You ready?

First, you need a remote.

Mine is model ML-L3. This should work with any Nikon camera. You can find this here.

Second, turn on your camera.

Press the menu button and go to the tab that shows a camera. Scroll down until you find the remote selection. It will say “OFF” beside it. Select it by pressing “OK”. You will see the top selection is 2s Remote. Select that. This is great because it means after you press the remote, you have 2 seconds to get rid of the remote and adjust your pose.

Third, before we shoot, we need to set up the Autofocus properly.

On the left side of the camera body, there is a button to toggle between AF and Manual Focus. Press the center part of the button. On the screen on the top of your camera, you will see the focus options come up. Use the 2 dials near the shutter button to switch your focus mode to say “AF-A Aut”. When you have it set to that, and then step in front of your camera, the camera will automatically select the subject. So if I’m standing against a wall, I am the subject and the camera will automatically select me to focus on.

VOILA!! A clear, in-focus, self-portrait! Can you imagine?!

Here are a few images I have taken with the above method! I hope this is a great start for you to know how to take self portraits now!

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