Abraham Lake Couples Session

You know how fall is beautiful. Everyone says that every year. So many people say fall is their favorite season. Well, have you seen David Thompson Country in the fall? I’ve been out in that area often, but NEVER have I seen fall colours so incredible in my life before. Especially in western Canada, where we don’t get a ton of colour variety. But when I came over the hill towards Preacher’s Point on September 26, 2020, the vast array of reds, yellows, and oranges, mixed with the brilliant blue mountain lake, left my jaw on the floor. I was STOKED for Brett and Teagan’s Abraham Lake couples session.

It always makes me happy when couples are willing to drive all the way from Edmonton or Calgary or even beyond, just to get photos done in the mountains. It can be a big trip, but its ALWAYS worth it. Whether its sunny, rainy, foggy, snowing, windy, cold, or stifling hot, the mountains always have a mood. I absolutely LOVE capturing the mountain backdrop, but also the couple in front of the backdrop. The whole scene makes a perfect image.

You’ll never guess, but Brett and Teagan had a dog too that they brought along. I’m so glad they did, because she fit right in and added such a unique element to some of the images. They also brought a picnic blanket and a guitar for Brett to serenade us with. Hey, if you have pets or props you want to bring, you go right ahead!

We caught fall at its peak this day, and it was beyond incredible. Take some time to soak in these images from another gorgeous mountain session. You know where to find me, if you’re wanting to spend a day out at Abraham Lake for a couples session!

Cheers as always, Lena

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