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One of my favorite things to do as a Banff wedding photographer is to get out and explore the mountains. I love to explore new places, new peaks, new lakes, new roads etc. It is such a blast and I get so inspired just being out in nature. As a wedding photographer, it is also crucial that I have multiple locations in mind. That way I can help my couples choose the spot that will make their dreams come true on their wedding day.

Cody and Laura have been married for 10 years, so they figured what better way to celebrate than get photos in their wedding clothes again and do an anniversary photo session in Banff. (PS. Do you think you’ll still fit in your wedding clothes on your 10 year anniversary?). When I was talking to Laura beforehand, she told me she was even going to bring a cheesecake. That’s what they had on their wedding day for the dessert! And she brought the cutest little mini oreo cheesecake you have ever seen. And boy, was it delicious!

These 2 were an absolute blast to work with. They literally didn’t stop laughing once, I’m sure. Which ALWAYS makes great photos, because hey, I’m a fan of true emotion over here, if you didn’t already know 😉

We took some photos first in their “regular” clothes, and then headed back to the car to get them all changed into their wedding attire. I had never been to Lake Minnewanka before, and was afraid it would be super busy. But it wasn’t, which was great. However, we definitely got some looks, and they got a lot of congratulations from people who thought they were getting married. We had a bit of explaining to do at times!

But let me tell you, if you ever want to hire a Banff wedding photographer for photos at Lake Minnewanka, I’d go back there in a heartbeat!

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