Mountain Engagement Session | Waterton, Alberta

YOUUUU GUYSSSSS!!!! AHHHHHH!!! This was one of my favorite sessions to date FORRR SURRREE!!

Why, you ask? Because it stared with a PROPOSAL!!! AHHH ok, sorry, I’ll try to calm down, but shooting a proposal is the most exciting thing EVER. Like, as if I got to be a part of such an intimate moment in this couple’s start of their journey together! We then poked around Waterton National Part and got some SWEET shots for their engagement session in the mountains. It was GOLD.

I’ve known Chase since he was a little baby. I remember the day he was born, and remember going to the hospital and holding him. And now, 20 years later, I had the grand honour of being the one to photograph him proposing to his future wife, Jenita. It’s SOOO crazy how time flies.

Oh, and want to know the real story?

Ha. So back in May or June, I ran a giveaway for a couple’s session, because I had reached 1000 followers on Instagram. Jenita was one of the winners. It didn’t really work to plan their session over the summer. I was talking to her about doing it in the fall, once they got back to Lethbridge. Well, out of the blue one day, Chase texted me, telling me that during the session he was planning to pop the question! WHAATTTT?!!! I was STOKED! So I basically ditched the planning with Jenita (she was probably wondering what had happened) and started planning with Chase for their proposal/engagement session in the mountains.

For this engagement session in the mountains…..

……we headed out to Waterton (most beautiful place by the way), and I was able to sort of sneak up on them, and capture part of the proposal. What a sweet experience!! These 2 are the absolute sweetest and I LOVED every minute with them. They were so easy to work with and we had a blast!

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If this sounds like the kind of great time you want to have, or you want to plan your proposal somewhere in the mountains, click here and I’d love to help!!

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