5 Unique Elopement Ideas

We all know by now that 2020 has been a rough year for couples trying to plan their weddings and elopements. Covid has thrown a huge wrench into everything. With all the restrictions, lockdowns, mask mandates, weddings have been changed a lot this year. A LOT. I know there are some of you who have always DREAMED of a huge wedding, with all your family and friends, and big reception etc. Then there are those you who have always just wanted a small, personal, intimate elopement. Whoever you are, if you’re planning to get married in the next year, you will likely be eloping. So here are some unique elopement ideas to make your day as special as possible in this crazy year!

Here’s the thing – your elopement doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. If you want to have a great adventure and make a whole day out of it, sweet! If you’d rather just chill, say your vows by a fire place, and then cozy up with some hot chocolate, have at er! Nobody is here to tell you that you must organize your elopement day in a certain way. You do you.

Have fun reading through these 5 unique elopement ideas.

1. Hire a musician!

Say Whatt??! Who would ever do that, and what’s the point? Just imagine, after you say your vows together, cry a little, soak in the just married feels… how about then heading down to the beach, or curling up at sunset beside a mountain lake and having a professional violinist serenade you? Or hire a guitarist to strum out a list of your favorite tunes while you enjoy just being there together.

8 Unique Elopement ideas for 2020/2021

2. Plan a surprise for your spouse!

Well, that leaves a lot of things wide open! You could surprise your spouse with a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain where you’d stay overnight in a backcountry cabin. How about take your new wife to a cute little dessert shop she’s been dying to try? Surprise your husband with a whitewater rafting trip after you say your vows. And so much more! Have fun with it!

3. Do an ice cream shop tour.

Ok, yes, this one does come from my obsession with small batch ice cream shops. But hey, imagine how fun it would be to go to your nearest town and pop in all of the little bakeries, patisseries, and cafes to sample all of the ice cream! Yummm.

A few of my favorites in Edmonton are Made by Marcus, Kind Ice Cream, and Yelo’d.

4. Make your unique elopement day a full day adventure.

Wake up at sunrise and enjoy a coffee together on the edge of a mountain lake, water lapping up against your feet. Make breakfast together before you say your vows. After your vows are done, take a canoe or kayak out and just enjoy the serenity of nature and those just-married feels. Just fill your day with all of your favorite little things, and bring an elopement photographer along to capture it all!

Alberta elopement photographers

5. Plan a backcountry hiking trip.

Did you know there area lot of photographers who will come along with you for a multiday backpacking/hiking elopement trip? What an incredible way to do what you love the most, and have it all documented at the same time!

Hopefully you got some ideas from these to plan your own unique elopement ideas. See some photos here from a gorgeous anniversary session in Banff.

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