Nordegg Surprise Proposal | Abraham Lake Engagement Session

I was heading out to Nordegg area to photograph an engagement session. I had posted something on my Instagram about the fact that I was going to be in that area that weekend. Well, of all things, Curtis (who I didn’t even know was following me) saw me say that, and reached out asking what day I’d be there! He said he and Irina would be in the area that same time. He was wondering if I’d be willing to take photos of him proposing to her!

WOULD I BE WILLING!?!? What on earth, YES!!! Haha.

Curtis had told Irina that there was someone he knew (me) in the area who knew of a cool lake. He told her they would meet this person (me) there. So she knew that, but that’s it. They met me at Abraham lake, and then after we chatted for a bit, Curtis asked if I could take a photo of them. Well, of course! Hehehe 😉 I took a couple of photos of them standing there, and then….

Curtis got down on one knee….

….reached into his pocket, and asked Irina, in German, if she would marry him! Irina is from Switzerland, so the fact that he learned how to ask in German was super sweet. And just as he kneeled down to propose, an airplane flew over us right between them. They told me later that airplanes were a big part of their relationship because of the amount of times they had flown between Canada and Switzerland to visit each other. So cool and what a coincidence it was!

Backstory – I went to university in Saskatoon, and knew Curtis well from living there for four years. I hadn’t even started my photography career back then, so it’s super crazy that I ended up photographing him proposing to his girlfriend 4 years later! It was such a cool experience and great to catch up with them.

Enjoy the photos from this surprise proposal in Nordegg!

Nordegg Engagement Session
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