Hiking Couple’s Session in Kananaskis

Back in the spring, I did a giveaway for a hiking session in the mountains. Meghan and Derrick were the winners, and I’m not at all mad about that! Hiking sessions and elopements are my absolute favorite thing to photograph, do, way to spend a day etc. We were supposed to do this back in August, but the weather went south so we postponed it to October. I’m not mad about that either! The only thing I AM mad about, is that we didn’t plan this session for sunrise. As we were driving out to King Creek Ridge in the morning, the clouds were an incredibly vibrant pink and orange. They drifted low across the peaks as we drove down Hwy 40 for this hiking couple’s session in Kananaskis. I was so sad we weren’t at the summit already!

The Hike up King Creek Ridge

The beautiful thing about the King Creek Ridge hike in Kananaskis, is that its relatively short for the sweet views you are rewarded with at the ridge. The first couple of kilometers is pretty steep and grueling, but once you’re past that, its great! Ha. The ridge walk is beautiful, with 360 views of peaks, lakes, and valleys. We stopped partway across the ridge, Meghan changed into her dress, and we started taking photos from there as we continued. The wind was chilly, but it wasn’t too strong which was great. The clouds were still rolling across the peaks, creating the most moody light. It was beautiful.

We hiked right to the summit, where we put our names in the registry box and ate some cookies someone had left. The view of Grizzly Peak to the north was unreal. Across the valley, snow dusted the tops of the mountains, creating such a gorgeous backdrop.

Have a look through this beautiful hiking session in Kananaskis

… and get your boots out and ready for yours 😉

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Hiking couples session in kananaskis
Hiking couples session in kananaskis
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