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I don’t often photograph weddings at indoor venues, because most of my weddings are out in the mountains, hiking, or helicoptering! But once in awhile, I do. This Basecamp Lodge Wedding in Canmore was really beautiful, and the Great Room where Ephraim and Jhemily had their ceremony was perfectly suited to the mountains. It had almost a rustic, cabin like feel. It is nestled just off Bow Valley Trail in Canmore, and is very reasonably priced for a full day rental! Definitely check them out!

First Touch

One thing that this couple did that I’ve never seen before, was a first touch! It was the sweetest thing ever. First looks are very common, where the couple sees each other for the first time. But this was different. They didn’t see each other. They just touched each other, helds hands around the door. It was really cool. I loved the idea.

For the ceremony, Ephraim and Jhemily just had their families present. It was a very joyful, intimate little ceremony. They wore western wedding attire for the ceremony and a few photos. We went over to the Three Sister’s Viewpoint to get the beautiful mountain backdrop. The bridal party was so much fun, and everyone was constantly laughing. That’s my favorite kind of wedding 😉

Tea Ceremony

Back at the venue, they had a traditional little tea ceremony. From what I understand, the tea ceremony is a symbol of acceptance of the bride and groom into each family. Ephraim and Jhemily each poured tea for each set of parents. Each of the parents sipped the tea as a way of saying they were accepting Ephraim (or Jhemily) into their family. It was really neat! I love seeing little traditional things woven into weddings.

Ephraim and Jhemily changed into their traditional clothing afterwards, and we headed out to the Canmore Engine Bridge for a few more photos. The families were amazed at the views, mountains surrounding everywhere. I love seeing people so thrilled with the mountains, because they are my happy place too! 🙂

Keep scrolling to check out a few photos from this sweet little Basecamp Lodge Wedding in Canmore.




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  1. Ashley Hoehn says:

    Oh my goodness, Lena!! These are so magical! You can instantly feel all the love and emotions during their ceremony. And that incredible mountain backdrop is absolutely STUNNING!!

  2. Sierra says:

    What a beautiful and joyful wedding! Love the location and gorgeous snowy mountains! Just beautiful!

  3. Dylan says:

    Beautiful photography! I love the emotion and the group interactions that you captured!

  4. Natalie says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous day! From the mountain venue to their big genuine smiles, everything was so joyful and beautifully captured!

  5. Lexi Hoebing says:

    Love that they had fun in the snow! looks like a beautiful day!

  6. Bailey says:

    Awww. Such a great day. Love the emotion of the day captured and who could say no to that landscape? It’s a beautiful location.

  7. I love that Ephraim and Jhemily wove a tradition into their wedding day, it’s a moment where everyone can come together and celebrate the unity of their families!

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