Is an Elopement Cheaper than a Wedding?

It’s the age new question! Is an elopement really cheaper than a wedding? Well, the real answer is, it depends.

An elopement as the older generation knows it, is when a couple runs off and gets married in secret. Nowadays, an elopement is basically when it’s just the couple, or maybe a few guests as well. It can be secret, but it’s not necessarily secret.

So, what would make an elopement cheaper than a wedding? One major thing is that typically you have less vendors for an elopement, even though you’re paying them well still.

Vendors for a Traditional Wedding

  1. Venue
  2. Meal
  3. Invitations
  4. Transportation
  5. Reception decor and rentals
  6. Photographer
  7. Videographer
  8. Wedding planner
  9. Florist
  10. Hair and makeup
  11. Officiant
  12. Wedding party gifts etc
  13. Dress/suit
  14. Accommodation
  15. Cake
  16. DJ
  17. Rings
  18. Vow books (and other stationery)

And there may even be more! A traditional wedding typically involves a lot more money, just solely because of the amount of vendors typically involved.

Vendors to Consider for an Elopement

  1. Officiant
  2. Photographer
  3. Bouquet
  4. Dress/suit
  5. Rings
  6. Vow books (optional)
  7. Videographer (optional)
  8. Hair and makeup (optional)

Now of course, you can have more vendors than that for an elopement, but typically that list is the common ones. Additional expenses for an elopement may include other activities you may do. For example, the helicopter fee for a heli elopement. Or renting a canoe or kayak for some photos. Maybe staying in a neat cabin or alpine hut for a backcountry elopement. Possibly ski lift or gondola tickets, or tickets for a hot air balloon ride. There are lots of options with an elopement. Some are cheaper, some are more pricey.

But overall, you’ll be typically spending less money on an elopement, even if you hire the best vendors. Simply because you have fewer of them. For instance, just the venue and the food for a larger wedding can cost close to $20,000 if you have 100 to 200 guests. And that’s just two vendors! So you can see why an elopement would be cheaper generally speaking.

Would you choose to elope or do a traditional wedding? If you’re considering eloping, please reach out here!

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