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I attended a virtual photography summit a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it was two full days of live presentations from various photographers and educators in the photography industry. And it only cost $7, so needless to say, it was well worth the price! Now you’re wondering how this has anything to do with anything. Well, the one speaker and photographer who was teaching was Cara Mia. She was talking about more creative ideas to try when you’re shooting, versus just the standard same poses every time. She gave a list of several ideas, and so I decided to try to implement them in this Edmonton couple’s session.

One thing I’ve really been trying to focus on lately when I’m shooting, is SLOWING DOWN. I always seem to rapid fire shoot because I don’t want to miss a shot, and want to make sure I get enough, etc. However, in this session, I really forced myself to slow down. To pay attention to composition. To really frame my shots well. To get unique perspectives. And it turned out INCREDIBLY well! I’m so stoked with these images, and I feel like they are some of my best work yet. Because all of the images were taken with intention, and they had some thought behind them.

Erik and Jessica were so easy to work with, super chill, and up for all my crazy ideas. Like dropping and throwing sand, standing overtop of me so I could shoot up, and running in bare feet across the sand. But hey, it was all worth it and this couple’s session is hands down one of my favorites to date.

Enjoy a little scroll through these stormy photos, and leave a comment at the bottom to let me know which is your favorite!

Cheers, and take care!


Edmonton couple's session
Creative couple's session in Edmonton
Couple's session in Edmonton
Edmonton elopement photographer
Edmonton couple's session
Edmonton engagement session
Stormy edmonton couple's session
Creative photos
Edmonton engagement session
Photo of hands creative
Sand dunes couple's session
Sand dunes engagement session
Sand dunes session in Edmonton
Sand dunes couple's session in Edmonton
Couple's session in Edmonton
Edmonton sand dunes
Stormy sky couple's session
Stormy couple's session
Dancing in the rain
Dark clouds in Edmonton
Edmonton creative session
minimalist couple's session image
black and white couple's session
Stormy edmonton couple's session
fun couple's session in Edmonton
unique perspective
stormy skies couple's session
couple's session in Edmonton

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